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Changing Filter
Car Mechanics

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Our Services


Fluid inspections including checking the level and quality of your transmission fluid, engine coolant & brake fluid.


Servicing your vehicles brakes including inspecting for safety and wear, removing excessive rust, cleaning and lubricating all moving points, repairing and replacing with OEM or better quality components.

Tune Ups

Diagnose and inspect your vehicle’s ignition system, including spark plugs and related components to keep your vehicle running efficiently.


Alignments performed on our modern “John Beam” aligner to keep your vehicle driving straight, reduce tire wear, and driver fatigue.


Exhaust inspect, repair, or replace components to keep your vehicle running properly, quiet, and your family safe.

General Servicing
& Inspections

Listing items that may need attention with our “green, yellow, red” assessment checklist.

Oil & Filter Change

We only use quality components (equal to or exceeding manufacturers' recommendations) when we replace your vehicle’s engine oil and filter. We also inspect all related engine components, and we grease all suspension (or chassis) points.


Install new tires on rims and balance the wheels for a smooth ride. We also provide seasonal tire storage at a reasonable price. ($50 per season)

Air Conditioning
Service & Repair

Repair any faulty components to keep you comfortable and your system running at peak performance.

Gas & Diesel Engine Diagnostics

Diagnose drivability concerns with Gasoline and Diesel powered vehicles using the most modern snap-on and Autel diagnostic equipment.

Gas & Diesel
Engine Repair

Repair all aspects of gasoline and diesel engines. From a family vehicle to workplace vehicles we can repair any engine.

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